You are invited to join! Membership in the EMM is open to any man in the community. Church membership is not a requirement. Men interested in participation should contact Wayne Mengel at 941-697-3705 or email him at: We would be delighted to have you join us. 

The purpose of Englewood Methodist Men’s (EMM) group is to declare the centrality of Christ in every man’s life and to model the servant leadership of Jesus Christ. These men, partnering with their pastor(s), engage in service opportunities and spiritual growth for its membership.

Individual and group strategies form the foundation of Englewood Methodist Men’s ministry. These include:

* A commitment to prayer and using the gifts of time, talents and treasure to serve the congregation and the community.

* A commitment to the assistance and support to men in their ever-changing relationships, roles and responsibilities in family life, the workplace, in retirement and in our community. 

Programs and Services

The Englewood Methodist Men’s group has a long and noteworthy history with the first Men’s Prayer Breakfast being held at the old Green Street church in February 1971. The EMM sponsor and/or participate in programs and services for the church and community. Additional information may be obtained by clicking on the links below.

A) Weekly Breakfast Meeting: Weekly breakfast meetings are held in Fellowship Hall on the church campus from 7:30 TO 9:00 AM.  Come join us for fellowship and the best breakfast in town. They share spiritual messages in the form of prayer and devotions. Participants also engage in fellowship, a discussion of current affairs, and organizational business.

B) County Breakfast: The Englewood Methodist Men provide a Country Breakfast for the community. These brunches are held on alternate Saturday mornings, from November to March. This fosters Christian fellowship among the many workers and also among the members and friends in the community who enjoy the food, entertainment, and fun. The net income is distributed to meet many local needs and has varied over the 40 years of this Breakfast project. Click here for more information about the Country Breakfast including the dates of operation and how to get involved.

C) Student Scholarship Program: Money raised from the Country Breakfasts provides Student Scholarships to students graduating from high school or attending college. This program is administered by committee of the Englewood Methodist Men. Click here for more information and an application form.

D) Annual Rummage Sale and the Woman’s Christmas Bazaar: The EMM work with the EMW to run the Annual Rummage Sale and assist with the Woman’s Christmas Bazaar, the proceeds from which are used for scholarships and outreach services in the community. 

E) Financial Support for Others: Others receiving gifts from the EMM over the last five years include: Church operations, Celebrate Recovery, Family Promise, United Methodist Children’s Home, UMM conference dues, Helping Hand, Scouting programs, WENG Radio weekly broadcast of worship service, Pastor’s Discretionary fund, Meals on Wheels, EMC Foundations school program, the KAIROS Prison Ministry program, the Appalachian Service Project and a missionary pledge to Dave and Sue Whitlock, who are serving in Kenya.


The Englewood Methodist Men follow the guidelines of the national General Commission on United Methodist Men and are governed by a Board of Directors. The Officers are elected each year, usually the third Monday in December. All active Past Presidents, the Senior Pastor, Scholarship Chairman, and the Country Breakfast Chairman also serve, in addition to those who may be appointed by the President. The Board meets once a month or on the call of the President from November thru April.

Officers 2022

President – John Schoenbauer
Vice President – Don Lord
Recording Secretary – Wayne Mengel
Treasurer – Jim Manser
Senior Pastor Ex Officio – Vic Willis
Scholarship Committee Chair – Gene Graham
General Chair of the Country Breakfast – Rick Nelson
Membership and email Communicating Secretary – Joe O’Reilly
EMM Lay Leader – Stan Cooper
General Chairman of the Country Breakfast – Rick Nelson
Member at Large – Ken Guillerm