During the meetings and events under the sponsorship and guidance of EMC, I recognize that I am a representative of the Christian Community and I am responsible for my actions.  I understand that by signing this Covenant, I agree to abide by the following guidelines:

    I Shall:

    • Recognize that everyone in the group is a part of the body of Christ. I will embrace inclusiveness by making sure that everyone feels welcome and important.
    • Respect the physical and emotional well-being of others by “doing unto them as I would have them do unto me.” (This includes refraining from harsh play or violence, refraining from harmful jokes, respecting the need for sleep, etc.)
    • Respect the health of my own body by refraining from the use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs. I understand that the use of these substances is absolutely prohibited.
    • Respect the things I use and the property of places I visit. The areas used for all events, including transportation, shall be left clean.
    • Participate fully in ALL scheduled group activities and abide by additional group guidelines made during special events.
    • Act appropriately with members of the opposite sex. This means no couple alone at any time, and no public displays of affection.
    • Follow all instructions given by group leaders and chaperones without protest. (This does not mean an instruction may not be politely and discretely questioned if it seems unreasonable).
    • Stay within the group or assigned sub-group at all times. I will not wander off alone or leave the activity site unless granted permission by an adult, and I will report for all designated check-in times.
    • Hold safety in the highest regard and refrain from compromising my own safety or another’s safety.
    • Provide a trusting environment for my peers. When others share something about themselves in group discussion, I will not repeat that information to other friends outside of the group.

    Guidelines for Consequences:

    Consequences will focus on restoring peace with reconciliation among the parties involved.  The goal of resolving each problem will be growth and learning through repentance and forgiveness.  Any problems encountered will be handled within the group and by the adult leaders to the extent that this is possible.  However, should a situation persist or become uncontrollable, the parent/guardian will be contacted and informed of the problem.  Should the situation be urgent, the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately and will be responsible for picking up the youth from an event or providing for his/her transportation home.

    Student and Parent/Guardian Signatures:

    In signing this covenant, I vow that I have read and understand these guidelines.  I recognize that a covenant is a binding promise, and my signature is testimony that I agree to adhere to the provisions of this covenant.

    Typing your name above is a legal signature.

    Typing your name above is a legal signature.

    Typing your name above is a legal signature.

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