SERMON DESCRIPTION:            Jesus knew he would not stay forever with the disciples. That was never the plan; however, the disciples did not want him to go. They worried that they would not be prepared for what lay ahead. Jesus explained that the Advocate would come. Someone to help them, lead them, and guide them to all the truths left untold. God, as the Holy Spirit, would ensure the disciples were never alone.

In our lives, the Spirit guides us to the Truth. She walks with us daily, interceding on our behalf when we are unsure. However, too often, we step away from the Spirit. We believe that we are more than capable of making the right decisions, knowing what God wants for us, and doing as we see fit. We are made in the image of God, are we not? The sermon is to help people rely on the Spirit for the Truth. We are bombarded daily with worldly truths that pull us away from God. Refocusing our attention on the Spirit allows us to free our minds to be guided to God, following God’s will for our lives.