Series Description: “Why doesn’t God make Himself seen, so that we all can believe? Why does faith have to be so secretive?” These were two questions given me before my sermon planning week this year. It prompted in me some of the ways in which God CAN be seen—not scientific proof with a divine DNA test, but in nature and in people and in circumstances. So that’s what this six-week series is about—how we see God in ordinary, even mundane things. How we crave a glimpse of God and how God gives them every day…if only we have the eyes to see.
Sermon Description: Despite every biblical reference to dogs being negative, there is much to admire in them. Their loyalty, their hospitality, their obedience when trained, their forgetfulness of past wrongs—all Godly characteristics that cannot be denied…especially when contrasted with the typical behaviors of cats! Another place we see God in the ordinary.

Seeing God In The Ordinary