Series Description: The Road To Bethlehem was only about 70 miles—an hour drive in our day. In Joseph and Mary’s day it was a multi-day treacherous journey that tested the metal of seasoned travelers, let alone an extremely pregnant woman on a donkey. Our “road” leads to Bethlehem and includes all the danger, uncertainty, joy and love that theirs had, and more. We will find strength for our journeys in the story of how all biblical and personal roads lead to Bethlehem.

Sermon Description: From Isaiah’s prophecy of God’s provision to the encouragement of Paul to the Philippians, JOY is a natural byproduct of our journeys. When we profess faith but have no joy, we can be sure God is working something of a deep nature in us. When we have joy but profess no faith, we can be assured we ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Road To Bethlehem