“Series Description: We all travel certain lanes in life. On a long trip, as life is, we can tend to drift and subtle adjustments are all that’s needed. At other times we may go off-roading and have such a disconnect with pavement that a reintroduction to asphalt and “lanes” is necessary. This series approaches ‘keeping it in God’s Lane’ from several different perspectives. Understanding God’s Lane is crucial. Seeing how Jesus completes or fulfills that definition is also paramount. We will apply these discoveries to practical daily living. “Sanctify” or “Grow” area of discipleship with some carry-over in our “Glorify” or “Serve” area as well.
Sermon Description: God’s lane seems narrow and tight so that no one can travel it with lots of possessions. The Camel and the eye of the needle put stricter boundaries on our travel than we thought. All of us are sometimes like the rich man who wants to know the secret, who desires inside information, who craves the golden ticket to heaven. We may not be as obvious about it, but “how can I get into heaven?” continues to be one of the more popular questions among Christians. We will explore what it means to keep it in God’s lane in light of these hard sayings.”

Keeping It In God's Lane