Series Description: In eight sentences the Apostles Creed gives the essential Christian story in the framework of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This ancient document has served as a doctrinal guide for the orthodox Christian church for 2 full millennia and still stands as a guide for all Christians to know what they believe about God. As our Lenten Sermon Series, we will plumb the depths of our Creed and discover why we need it so badly.

Sermon Description: The Apostles Creed may leave us wondering why the church is one of the things it says we believe in. The Church seems too human-controlled to rise to the place of something to be believed in. But Jesus was certain of the importance of the church and He puts to rest the idea that it’s made by humans. He says He’s the one who builds his Church and he brings out the reasons why the Church is so crucial when Peter proclaims faith in Christ as the Son of the Living God, the Messiah. We will see what this means for us, the Church of today.