Series Description: In eight sentences the Apostles Creed gives the essential Christian story in the framework of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This ancient document has served as a doctrinal guide for the orthodox Christian church for 2 full millennia and still stands as a guide for all Christians to know what they believe about God. As our Lenten Sermon Series we will plumb the depths of our Creed and discover why we need it so badly.

Sermon Description: Today is Easter! He is Risen! Jesus is the first to be raised unto everlasting life, and we believers will all follow Him. Today we will explore what it means to proclaim that we believe in the resurrection of the body. Bodily resurrection has always presented a problem for those of us in these aging, weak, disease-ridden physical bodies (which is all of us!). What we need is a different kind of body to be resurrected into. What we need, God provides! Paul in 1 Corinthians describes in detail how God gets this done. No need to worry about cremation, our new bodies will be “out of this world!”